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Fishing guide service in the Czech republic

Fishing guide czech republic

We offer fishing service with guide Radek Filip, who is the editor-in-chief of Czech angling magazine Kajman. We offer a daily rate for the fishermen who just want to fish one day or want to create their own angling package. We guide guests who prefer any fishing method (spinning, carp fishing, fly fishing, feeder, match fishing, ice fishing and so on). Doesn’t matter if you are beginner or advanced angler. The best Czech fishing lakes and rivers are close to Prague, but even better may be an expedition to the distant outback. You can fish for carp, pike, perch, trout, asp, grayling, chub, catfish, rainbow trout, brook trout, roach, barbel, sturgeon and other fish. All depends on your demand.

Ice fishing guide service in the Czech rep.

The ice fishing popularity in the Czech republic is increasing. The season is very short (based on the weather December to February), but the ice fisheries on offer is very broad. Click here to see more

Ice fishing with a guide

Carp fishing guide service in the Czech republic

Carp fishing is the most popular fishing sport in middle Europe. Thanks to that are the Czech fisheries heavily stocked with carp. We will be happy to ride you to one of the famous carp lakes.

carp fishing guide czech republic

Pike fishing guide service in the Czech republic

Did you know, that the biggest pike landed in the Czech fisheries was 137 cm and 27,2 kg? It is one of the biggest pike at the world. We will do our best to beat this record, but it isn`t be easy 🙂 But make sure, that we go with you to the fishery, where is a catch of pike over one meter very real.

Fishing guide czech republic pike

Spinning guide service in the Czech republic

The Czech lakes, rivers, gravel pits and reservoirs are full of predators. We will guide you to the hot spots for catfish, asp, pike, perch, chub or trout. All depends on your requests and of course the fishing season.

Lov přívlačí s rybářským průvodcem

Fly fishing guide service in the Czech rivers

We can guide you to the one of the last grayling paradise in the Czech republic. You can go with us also to a different rivers full of trout and beautiful countryside. You can be fishing as well on private lakes for rainbow trout.

Fly fishing guide czech republic

Barbel fishing guide service in the Czech republic

Barbel is rare in some rivers, but there are secret spots full of barbel. You can test the catch and release fishing there if you like.

Fishing guide czech republic barbel

Fishing for beginners guide service in the Czech republic

We take care for the fishing lessons for beginners no matter if they are children or adult. Your catch is nearly guaranteed.

Rybaření s rybářským průvodcem Rybaření s rybářským průvodcem

Individual guiding package

Tell us your demand and we create for you a fishing expedition according to your needs.

Our guiding services:

– We take care for the licenses (The Czech angling license administrative process is not easy, but there are also private fisheries where the license booking is very smooth and fast)

– We guide you to the fishing hot spots

– We fish with you all day and are constantly on the move to keep you on the bite

– We can provide rods, reels, tackle and bait for each person

– Ride with the fishing guide (transportation from the hotel, Prague airport or any other place)

– Lunch and beverages are not included, but we can lift you to a restaurant with a nice dinner

– We provide you with photo book with the best moments from our expedition

– We speak English, Czech, German and elementary Russian

Booking policy:

We are doing a limited amount of guiding. Please contact us ASAP in advance. A 50% deposit will be required when making a reservation if not agreed different way.


The final price depends on the trip duration and the services you request. We offer sale for bigger groups of fisherman. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact info:

Tel.: +420 777 320 256